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The origins of Fundiciones Arias began in the 1940s with Arsenio Arias, who began working at an important foundry at the time (now non-existent) in Medina de Rioseco. At the end of his working career his son became his apprentice in the same industry. With accumulated experience and the support of his father, in 1970 they set out to build a modest foundry. Positioned on the left bank of the Castilla Canal, the foundry primarily produced agricultural pieces and replacement parts.

With a lot of hard work and dedication the small foundry gave way to become new and ample facilities in the industrial area of town.

Contained and constant growth marked the trajectory of Fundiciones Arias and with the incorporation of Victor Arias (3rd generation) the company faced a new period of growth and expansion.


In Fundiciones Arias we maintain vocational leadership, which began more than 50 years ago. During this time we have learned to adapt ourselves to new dynamics, processes and services, becoming a business of reference in the production of custom-made pieces, civil works, drains, sewage systems, piping, and agricultural products and accessories.

A marked orientation of service defines our daily work putting our clients at the center. Because of this we have made big investments in technology and automatics, logistics, storage resources, as well as our continued personal and professional development.


At Fundiciones Arias we draw an ascending line representing our growth and constant improvement in our processes.

We want to maintain the level of our competitive edge, efficiency, and commitment that characterizes us, and what our clients deserve.
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